Tuesday, 12 January 2016

REVIEW! Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art Pen

I received a Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art Pen in my December Nailbox. Having not done a review post for a while (or any post for that matter) I though't I'd share my thoughts of this product with you all!

More pictures below!

Lightening Bolt nails with NailVinyls™

Once again I’ve found myself shying away from a freehand design! Yikes!

But I feel it's ok because quality is never compromised when using these Nail Vinyls™by Teismom.

If you haven't heard of Nail Vinyls before. They are basically pre-cut stickers that you place over your nail, paint over it, then pull it off to reveal sharp, crisp edges. And they are SO easy to use. If you get the chance to pick some up, I would definitely recommend them.

I chose to go with 2 bright colours and a metallic . I'm really trying hard to get my nail shape right at the moment. Can you tell I'm struggling with my middle finger? It just seems a lot fatter than all the others (so annoying). If anyone has any shaping tips then do let me know!

Anyway I hope you like this mani, and thanks for reading.

Fran x