Tuesday, 3 May 2016

DinkiBelle Nail Wraps - Review

I recently got the chance to try out some nail wraps from a lovely new brand I've never tried before,  DinkiBelle. Everybody loves a good review, so I thought I'd write one for these!

I chose this lovely marble design, which you can get a hold of here. Having recently attempted doing a free hand marble effect nail design and failing miserably, I thought these would be the perfect alternative, and they most certainly were.

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The quality of these is very good. They're lovely and thin which means they don't feel too cumbersome or thick when on the nail. 

They're stretchy which makes the application a lot smoother and easier. That may sound odd, but it really makes a difference to getting an end result with no creases or air bubbles in. 

These are also some of the shiniest nail wraps I've ever used, which gives them a fantastic finish on the nail!

I luuurv this marble design. Grey marble is definitely the best kind of marble, right? Although I do feel marble is almost a bit at risk of being overdone now as it's absolutely everywhere in the shops! 

One downside to this design is that it went a bit grainy when it was stretched. That well could have been my error in application, by I always apply nail wraps like that, and haven't had that issue in the past.

I'm 24 hours in and so far so good. That's one thing I really love about nail wraps, no chipping or smudging!

Value for money
These retail at £6.99 which, for an indie brand like this, is pretty reasonable. They have great range of choices, I'm already eyeing up which ones I want to buy!

Close up in artificial lighting


Hope you found this review useful, let me know if you've tried these before!

Fran x

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