Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Start as you mean to go on!

What better place to start my blog than with my favorite nail design.

Great for beginner nail artists, this is a relatively simple nail design that looks great and is so effective!

All it takes is your two favorite polishes and a striping brush and you're ready to go!

How to:

  •  Start with a protective base coat.
  •  Then do 2 coats of your base colour (I suggest the lighter coloured polish out of the ones you choose) and allow them to dry in between!
  •  Take your striping brush and dip into your second colour polish (preferably a darker colour). Be careful, you don't want too much on the brush.
  • I start with the 3 horizontal lines at the bottom of the nail. CONFIDENCE IS THE KEY!! Try and line up the brush on the nail and go across the nail in one swoop. Times when I've hesitated before has led to wonky lines!!
  • Then move onto the top lines. (Copy this image to see where)
  •  Finally when dry...very dry!! Add a base coat if you want shine, or a matte coat if you fancy something a bit different!

Have fun creating!! This manicure can be done with so many different colours :)

The Simple Nail


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