Saturday, 27 April 2013

Pop Art Nails.

Another of my favourite nail art designs I've done. Colourful and eye-catching, everything nails should be!!

Although rather fiddly to do, I think the end result of this mani is definitely worth the struggle. As a 'newbie' to nail-art...if I can do can you!

Read 'how to' after the jump


How to:

Start off with 2 coats of each base colour, then dot white polish over the entire nail. 

Paint on the white "zig-zag" blocks on the nails. The neatness of these doesn't really matter as you will be amazed by how much neater they look with the black outline afterwards! (Two coats of white may be required)

Using a VERY thin nail art brush dipped in black polish, paint the words onto each nail. That's the tricky bit!!

Finally, taking the same brush dipped in black, outline the white to make it look a lot crisper.


I practiced on paper A LOT before I went onto my own nails. But hey...I'm just a wimp :)

If you try these nails I'd LOVE to see them!! Tag me @thesimplenail on Instagram or twitter to show me!!


Colours used
-Barry M, Cyan Blue
-Kiko, 327 (grey)
-Kiko, 360 (coral)
-Barry M, Black
-Barry M, Raspberry
-Mavala, White 49

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