Sunday, 30 March 2014

Models Own Velvet Goth review

So, despite my previous enthusiastic post displaying my dedication to get back to blogging…here we are two months later with an actual post….finally!

So as I said in my last post, I was the lucky winner of Models Own's Velvet Goth Collection via one of their Facebook giveaways (having never won anything like this before!) so thought I'd write a review post about the collection.

So here goes!

The collection consists of 5 glitter polishes that have a matte/2D finish. Now I know what you're thinking….matte? and glitter? Yep I didn't get it at first either.

However, what a pleasant surprise these were! The glitter matte finish is wonderful! It looks glittery and glam without the harsh bright sparkle that you can sometimes get with glitters. The formulae of all 5 colours is very good, a lot of glitter comes off the brush and onto your nails.

So…time for some photos!

This is Absinthe. A turquoise/teal colour and my favourite from the collection. Subtle yet striking, it complements almost any outfit. The above photo shows 3 coats and no topcoat. (although a top coat adds another dimension all together!)

The second colour I've swatched for you is Amethyst. A lovely deep purple with an equally great formula. This is my second favourite colour of the collection, but a little less wearable than Absinthe with my skin tone.

The following three colours of the collection are:

Obsidian - A great black with subtle hints of holographic glitter. Great for a stylish bold look.
Valerian - Looks like Absinthe in the bottle, but comes out as a lovely dark blue. Looks a bit like black when on the nails (as is the issue with many dark blue polishes).
Sardonyx - I'm saving this one for christmas! A glittery santa red…need I say anymore?

I really love this collection. Subtle glitter polishes get my vote!!


  1. I love Absinthe! I see you have had some 'trouble' with blogging as well.. I just started again, you should too :)

    1. Thanks Eva….I really have, and need to get back into it! Thanks for the encouragement :) keep up the great blogging xx