Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Back to basics...Dots!

Carrying on the theme of simple designs, I've gone for spots this week. I tried to go for a kind of ombré-dot effect, and I don't think I'm too far off. I'm really pleased with how they've turned out!

This really is an easy design to do...

No base colour necessary, literally all you need is a dotting tool! I used the set I got from Amazon for only £2.50. I started by doing larger dots at the tip of the nail, and made them smaller as I worked my way up the nail, almost as if they fade to nothing at the top. I don't really think it matters which order you do the colours in, but I chose the method of doing one colour at a time, starting with the darkest colour. Then I applied a top coat and that was it!

How simple is that?!

So here's what it looks like!
Disclaimer: Apologies for the awful quality picture - my iPhone let me down this week! Urghhh.

Polishes used
Dark Purple/Pink - OPI Push and Pur-pull
Dark Purple/Pink - Essie Flowerista
Light purple - Rimmel 707 Marshmallow Heaven
Light pink - Rimmel 262 Ring A Ring O'Roses
Top Coat - HK Girl (Best top coat ever!!!)

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  1. I love a simple nail art look and this design is girgeous.
    Vicky xx