Friday, 24 May 2013

Banana crazy!

Today I felt a bit crazy...and as a result, have ended up with bananas on my nails. Perfect logic!

This bright and fun design is great for sunny days and has that lovely tropical feel to it.

It's relatively simple to do, although the black outline does require a steady hand! Is it a challenge you're willing to accept?

Pictorial and 'how to' after the jump

How to:

- Apply 2 coats of light blue polish. Dry.

- With a nail art brush, draw random crescent shapes on the nail.

- You may need to go over these shapes with a second coat to make the colour more vibrant.

- With a nail art pen or brush, loosely outline the banana shapes with black. This doesn't have to be super neat (i find it adds to the effect).

- Add a small black dot at one end of the bananas, and a tiny horizontal line at the other end.

- Done!!

Polishes used:
 - Kiko, 340 (blue)
 - Kiko, 366 (yellow)
 - Kiko, 276 (black)