Sunday, 19 May 2013

Neon nails!

Day 7 of the May nail art challenge! (shh...we'll pretend that this post isn't late!)

The theme for this was 'neon', and with not having many neon colours in my polish collection, I decided to set a few of the colours again black to make them look as bright as possible. And then I came up with this striping tape mani!

All you will need to achieve this manicure is striping tape, a black polish, and two or 3 bright colours of your choice (white polish is an optional extra).

Pictorial and more on 'how to' after the jump!

How to:

- Paint one coat of white polish on the nail. This is optional, but I find it makes the colours on top brighter.

- Apply 2 or 3 bright colour polishes onto the nails. The neatness and arrangement doesn't matter too much as it will be covered over later.

- Cut small lengths of striping tape and place them randomly onto the nail. I'd recommend 2 or 3 stripes per nail. Make sure these are pressed down right to the edge of the nail bed.

- Cover the entire nail (and striping tape) with black polish. A thick opaque coat is best.

- Whilst still wet...immediately remove the striping tape (in the OPPOSITE direction of which you applied them).

- Wait to dry fully. Add top coat. Done!

Polishes used:
 - OPI, My Boyfriend Scales Walls (white)
 - Kiko, 389 (blue)
 - Kiko, 355 (yellow)
 - Kiko, 275 (black)
 - Misguided, Misschievous (red)

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