Wednesday, 1 May 2013


Today's post is a tribute to Pink Floyd's legendary album 'The Dark Side of the Moon'.

Not only does this manicure allow you to pay homage to (let's face it) an amazing album, but your nails get to rock an awesome look at the same time!! 

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I'd seen these nails a few times here and there on the nail scene and just thought 'oh my days...yes!!' I really like how they're kind of understated and dark, whilst being really colourful at the same time. (Does that even make sense?!)

Not too tricky to do, but a bit fiddly for beginners I'd say. But who doesn't love a challenge?!

How to:
2 coats of black polish as base coat.

Middle finger first! Draw on the triangle with a white striper. Then draw the short line to the left of it (which where you will start the line on the index finger).

In white again, draw a much thicker line to the right of the triangle. Continue this line onto the ring and little finger nails, getting wider each time. The white will make the colours stand out much brighter from the black base.

Using a striper again, start with red and line the top of the white base you just created. (It gets a bit tricky on the middle finger as there isn't much space!)

Continue this step with the yellow, green, blue and violet polishes.

VoilĂ ! Done!!

Polishes used:
- Kiko, 275 (black)
- Mavala, 49 White
- OPI, The Spy Who Loved Me (red)
- Kiko, 355 (yellow)
- Kiko, 389 (mint)
- Barry M, 249 Cyan Blue
- No.7, Lucky Lilac

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