Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Flower nail art

This was the manicure I created for Day 1 of the Californails 'May nail art challenge'. The theme was 'flowers'.

I've done a 'vintage flower' manicure before, so wanted to have a go at something a bit different. I saw this flower design online as an accent nail for a bridal manicure, and thought I'd put my own twist on it!

The closely spaced flowers are supposed to represent bouquets, and I thought an accent glittered nail would match perfectly!

Pictorial and 'how to' after the jump

How to

Apply base coat. Using dotting tool (or end of a paint brush in my case!) apply dots of 3 different colours. Cover the entire nail.

- Using a nail art pen (or striper) outline each dot with small strokes. These can be quite random and do not have to be perfectly neat. Apply smaller strokes in the centre of the dot to create the 'petal' effect.

- Repeat this for every dot.

- Done!!

Glitter accent nail

- For the accent nail I applied a thick coat of top coat and then sprinkled the loose glitter over the nail. When the whole nail was covered, I pressed the glitter down lightly, and shook off the excess.

- I applied multiple layers of top coat on top (about 3 i think) to make the surface of the glitter smooth and extra shiny!

Thats's all!! 

Polishes used:
 - OPI, My Boyfriend Scales Walls (white)
 - Barry M, 272 Shocking Pink
 - Barry M, 273 Raspberry
 - Barry M nail art pen, Black


  1. I love the colors! It really does remind me of a full bouquet. :)

    1. Thank you! Thats exactly what I thought when I'd seen them on a bride's nails before! :)